Orphans & The Elderly

Orphans & The Elderly

No orphan should be helpless. No elderly should lack medical attention. You can donate to improve their lives and offer them hope. Join us to sponsor the elderly and orphans.

The number of orphans in the world today is well over 150 million, with a chunk of this number from underprivileged backgrounds. These children need homes, food, access to education, and a chance to live and fulfil their dreams.

In the same vein, millions of vulnerable senior citizens are struggling with isolation and poverty in our world today, especially in developing countries. These elderly people can barely afford the essentials of food, clothing, or even shelter.

At Dastak Welfare Foundation, we believe that the responsibility falls on us to care for these orphans and elderly as though they were our family.

We cherish the young orphans, and we respect the elderly. We believe that these vulnerable citizens need encouragement and support. And since there’s a lot of love to go round, they too deserve care and attention.

Your generous contributions will go into providing them with nourishing meals, shelter, financial support, healthcare services, and other social necessities. Donate today.