In our work to serve those in need, tackle poverty from its root, and empower communities with infrastructures, Dastak Welfare Foundation offers a range of charitable services that are sponsored through generous donations.

We provide aids, reliefs, and supports to the needy in England, Wales, and across the world, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. Our services include:

Our Purpose/Objectives

Clean Water

Clean water is a necessity that many people are not privileged to access. According to the WHO, over 3 million people die from water-related sicknesses annually visit canceltimesharegeek.


Health goes beyond access to medicine and treatment. It is complete wellness, including diet and healthy practices. Donate and give someone the opportunity to access proper healthcare.


There are alot of people in need of a place to shower, eat, and sleep.
You can give them a reason to smile and carry on. Donate to put a roof over someone’s head today.

Welfare & Livelihood

Dastak Welfare Foundation is passionate about helping people to be employable and earn a living.
Join our quest to reduce poverty. Make a generous donation today.


Many rural farmers find it difficult to grow enough food for their families, not to talk about selling for cash. And this leaves them trapped in the dreaded poverty cycle. Be part of our mission to improve agriculture.


Education is vital. It is the key to countless opportunities. Our educational programs aim to empower people with the right tools to become independent and self-reliant to reach their full potential.

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Legal Aid in Pakistan

Majority of the Pakistan population is made up of underprivileged and minority groups who can barely afford their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, let alone pay for legal service.

Orphans & The Elderly

No orphan should be helpless. No elderly should lack medical attention. You can donate to improve their lives and offer them hope. Join us to sponsor the elderly and orphans.

Animal Welfare

Breeding livestock like cattle, goats, pigs, horses, rabbits, sheep, chickens, donkeys, ducks, turkeys, geese, and more is a source of livelihood to many. They are a rich source of protein and income.

Together We Are Making A Difference…

We are committed to providing humanitarian aids. We strive to impact lives, alleviate sufferings, and make a difference in our world. Let’s join hands & better the society through generous contributions.