Dastak Welfare Foundation is a charity organisation in the UK saddled with a responsibility that is based on compassion, generosity, and empathy to provide international reliefs and foster societal development to those in need all over the world.

We aim to relief sufferings and alleviate poverty across the globe by giving selflessly to sustainable development solutions like health, welfare, education, agriculture, infrastructure, conflict mitigation, and other amenities.

We believe in the saying; “charity begins at home,” which is why our primary focus is to tackle prevalent challenges, first in England, then outside the UK and Wales, without any form of gender, racial, religious, or ethnic bias.

Our Purpose/Objectives

Charitable & educational activities

We Provide medical aids

We Bring Relief to the Poor

We Provide legal aid in Pakistan

Global Community Development

International Clean Water Project

Food Package for Poor Families

Welfare for Disabled People

How We Achieve This

Who We Help

The beneficiaries of our contributions, donations, and range of selfless services to humanity are primarily people with financial and health needs. Men, women, children/orphans, older adults, and farmers, especially those in disadvantaged communities and underdeveloped nations. We also serve pupils/students, academics/professionals, schools, hospitals, vocational centers, and nations in conflict.

Our Core Values & Beliefs


We believe in diligence and accountability. And we fulfill our charity responsibilities to humanity with sincerity, founded on core moral values and principles.


We understand that the burden of sufferings, hunger, poverty, and injustice can be overwhelming. And we believe in giving to improve the welfare of people in need.

Social Equity

We strive for racial/religious harmony and equity in society. And our work involves empowering individuals with knowledge of their human rights and helps them reach their full potential

Our Core Values & Beliefs

To inspire, improve, and transform the lives of individuals, as well as ensure access to quality education through donations, humanitarian services, and community development projects.