About Dastak Foundation

Dastak Welfare Foundation is focused on providing aids to promote education/research, vocational training, poverty alleviation, community development/social amenities, human right/religious harmony, and agriculture in England and Wales.

And our reach extends to other countries overseas through selfless services, charitable activities, grants, and sponsorships.

Our Purpose/Objectives

Charitable & educational activities

We Provide medical aids

We Bring Relief to the Poor

We Provide legal aid in Pakistan

Global Community Development

International Clean Water Project

Food Package for Poor Families

Welfare for Disabled People

Our Programs
Giving is a noble cause. And your generosity can save people in need today.

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Free Legal Aid in Pakistan

We offer free legal aid in Pakistan 

Together We Are Making A Difference...

We are committed to providing humanitarian aids. We strive to impact lives, alleviate sufferings, and make a difference in our world. Let’s join hands & better the society through generous contributions.